Thursday, September 24, 2009


You might be wondering why we have a quote from Nacho Libre as one of our songs. We're not just sending you love through our blog. The truth is, Henry is a huge Nacho Libre fan. One thing he likes to do is pull all the DVDs off the shelf, and we noticed that he always picked Nacho Libre up and walked around with it. He would point at it and start smiling and laughing and talking jibberish.

Recently we've been weaning him from the binky and so morning have been especially hard. He cries and whines for like 45 minutes. One morning I decided to distract him with Nacho Libre and he was enthralled. He was quiet and just laid on my lap through the whole movie. Eyes glued. I'm not sure if it's his cape or mustache, or the wrestling, but whatever it is, it makes him happy.


Kim Shepherd said...

That's awesome! Nachooooooooo!!!

Kayla R. said...

Never watched that, But he is so cute!

okbushmans said...

Brenna loved this movie, and would quote the "stretchy pants" line. I love that movie! Can't wait for the weird newest Jared Hess movie!