Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Refinishing Table - Check

So we inherited an awesome round table. It needed a little fixing up, and so for the past couple of weeks I have slowly refinished this table. I cleaned it. Gum, glue, marker and all. I sanded it. And then I went to Walmart to get primer, paint, and sealer.

Whenever I have painted things in the past I get the normal jug of paint, brushes, stirring stick, etc. but after talking to a handful of friends who have used spray paint, I decided to try it out. I found the spray paint that I wanted, but I was confused about what primer and sealer to use. The only primer and sealers they had were either white or gray, and I had in mind a clear one.

I asked the Walmart paint guy what to do, telling him that I want to paint the table black. He said if I want a dull look to the black paint to use the gray primer/sealer and if I wanted a shiny look to use the white. Really? I'm painting it black but I should use the white primer/sealer? "Yep." So I got the white.

When I got home and started using it I doubted the Walmart guy's suggestion. And I was a little nervous I had ruined a great table. I decided to finish what I'd started and so I primed the whole thing with white paint-primer stuff.

I went at it with the black spray paint and it looked good but I wanted to make sure the paint job was durable and safe. I decided to go to Lowe's, instead, to ask for further advice. The lady said that spray paint should do just fine without an extra coat of anything, but I told her that it's on our kitchen table and I have a kid--I'd want it to be really durable. She suggested this spray on clear coat that will make it shinier and increase it's durability.

With Henry asleep I finally finished the table. I really like it. Thanks Margo, for the table. It looks great.

ADVICE: Go to Lowe's first. The Walmart guy may have been right, and everything worked out in the end; but at Lowe's, they're experts.


Kim Shepherd said...

We got a table just like that and painted it black too! We also had to paint the chairs black. Your table turned out so cute!

Nicole and Layne said...

Ohhhhh, Rachel. I can't believe you had to clean the gum and green marker off that thing. It looks awesome! Way to go!

Lindsey S. said...

Good job! I just finished painting an old TV stand of my parents and took pictures too to post. I still need to fix a couple of hinges before I post my results. Way to go. It looks awesome.

I was at my grandmas 2 nights ago and your mom was taking out the trash and came over and said hi to us. She's so sweet!