Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We have been dishwasher-less since before we got married. While we dated we helped each other do our (and our roommate's) dishes. It was great time to talk. We also liked to listen to tunes and dance around--cheesy I know, but so fun. We still do that today, and I have to say that being dishwasher-less has been a blessing.

One of my favorite things to do--is not dishes alone--but it is dishes when it's with Todd. We have joked that one day when we do get a dishwasher we will not use it to wash our dishes, we'll use it for a cereal storage--that's what his grandfather and grandmother did. But then I stay at a sister's or friend's house that is equipped with one and I'm inclined to change my mind.

But not really. I enjoy the 30 or 60 minutes we have together washing, drying, talking and singing together. I wouldn't trade that precious time for a GE profile dishwasher with SmartDespense Technology any day.

Wait, did I just see a counter top dishwasher (this would fit nicely in our small kitchen)? On second thought . . .

Just kidding.


Katie said...

You have my admiration. But you may not have my dishwasher. :) Haha.

P.S. Are you guys still coming out here for Christmas? Do you still want to get together? If so, we'd love to see you guys. We'll be staying here for all of Christmas break. Yay!

Kayla R. said...

WOW!!! i HATE dishes...BUT i LOVE doing them with LILY!

okbushmans said...

I didn't mind when we only had Brenna. But with more than one kid, anything to make life easier was worth it! But our dishes still sit in the sink...whats wrong with that picture???

Joanna said...

We've never had a dishwasher, either, and I don't mind hand washing as much as I used to. It goes a lot faster with the iPod in.

And if you don't let them sit and get gross, rinsing and loading isn't really faster than just washing them yourself.