Friday, January 8, 2010


Christmas this year was wonderful. It was gold. And as Robert Frost penned, nothing gold can stay.
It's too bad that Christmas has to end, but we're glad we could enjoy it.

Some Christmas decor:
This year we enjoyed time with friends and family and did all the things we like to do at Christmas time, and all the things we can do in Utah but not in Illinois. To name a few:

sledding at Soldier Hollow, Timpview HS, and Peteetneet in Payson
eating at In-N-Out, Bombay House, J-Dawgs and Cafe Rio
enjoying the luminaries that line the neighborhood
hiking in the snow to set up a motion-detected camera in hopes of catching some wild-life on camera
watching the play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (and holding up the entire play because we were late--and we sure made an appearance)
dancing with Todd on New Years Eve to a live Big Band
playing Polish Golf, Bananagrams, Nerts, and Farkle with family
watching Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, and The Muppet Christmas Carol
eating traditional Christmas dinners and
making wishes up on the yule log

Sledding at Soldier Hollow

Buzzing around the Freestone's

Playing in the snow at the Cameron's

Henry with his awesome aunt and uncle Christmas morning.
Don't they look festive?! (Please don't hate me, Beck!)

Sledding at Peteetneet
Burying daddy in the snow

Off to the Big Band dance. We tried to look like we were dates to a HS dance or something.

We had a great time, but now we're back and in the swing of things, ready for what this new year will bring.


Joanna said...

I can't believe you were at Peteetneet while we were at Jacob's family's house less than a minute away! You should have stopped in for some hot chocolate. :)

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Gosh Henry's aunt and uncle are sure stylin!
Henry is so handsome!

okbushmans said...

How fun! I really wish we could have been there! Love ya.