Friday, January 8, 2010

Day-after shots

Yesterday Henry had his 18 month well-baby exam. He did pretty well with the doctor, Dr. Musselman even got him to laugh a bit; but when the doctor left the room he went into a fit-throwing frenzy.
There was no explanation for his hysterics, other than his anticipation for what was coming next.
He knew what was coming. I'm sure of it.
About 10 exhausting minutes later the nurse came in with three vaccinations. He saw those needles and got even stronger and louder in his fit.
Todd and I pinned his arms and legs down while the nurse inoculated him.
After that he got about 12 ball stickers, and 1 Bob the Builder sticker. I hope that next time he goes to the doctor he remembers getting the stickers more than the shots. That would be nice. I'm not counting on it.
Again, this kid has the memory of an elephant.
Today he has been a bit fussy, but now he's resting. Bless his vaccinated little heart.Henry, Hal and Hank (his bears), Elmo, and Colby the doll.
Rest well, my son.


Amy said...

Ahh! I'm glad to know he lived through it :)

Ashlee said...

Hello! This is your favorite visiting teacher :) I wanted to tell you that your blog is so cute! Thanks for letting me take a peek. Also... Dr. Mussleman is or doctor too! Small world!

Lindsey S. said...

He does have a good memory! When the nurse came in with the shots for bailey at her 12 months apt. she started freaking out too. It's crazy the memory they can have.

He is getting so big!