Friday, February 19, 2010

A Good Knight Story

After Henry's good night books have been read a million times and we're tired of them, I come up with our own family's fairy tales. They may be cheesy, but I like them.

There once was a knight who lived in a fort, a corner fort, with his friends. Next door abode seven lovely princesses in a pink palace.

The knights and the princess(es) were friends.

(The princess sneaking into one of the Christmas photos she was taking for the knights.)

After about six fortnights of 30-minute dance parties, Indian dinners on the lawn, and plenty of chivalrous acts, e.g. accompanying home at night, taking out the trash, and making goodies, one particular prince became fond of one princess.

Totem poll of heads; gotta love Dallas stuck on the bottom.

When the princess found out about the knight's feelings, the princess immediately--naturally--felt the same way for the knight.

Ahem, He's not the one with his arm around the princess, but He is the handsome one in the purple shirt.

Soon after, the knight called up the princess and asked her to dine with him at a lovely Italian restaurant. They did. They shared a pizza. And it was delicious. A little while later at the town auction, the princess bid on a "bus date" with this particular knight--and won! What a lucky woman, and quite a surprise to the knight, who had been set up by the town's matchmakers. Gladly, however, the knight took the princess on the "bus date".

They left CougarTown on public transportation and headed South to the Art City. It was a bumpy, loud, and fun ride. When they arrived they spent some time at the art museum, admiring art made by the famous and the infamous. The knight took some pictures of the princess by a tree with an old camera and the princess took some of the knight in an old phone booth. They ate in a Trolly located on the main street. Laughing and telling stories, time passed and soon they realized they needed to make it back to the bus stop in minutes or else they would be stranded!

Running to the bus stop, the knight found out how fast the princess really was. She overtook him, and they made it to the bus stop on time. The ride home was a restful one, they had had a full day. Upon arriving in CougarTown the knight had a great idea to purchase a treat for the bus driver out of gratitude. After much discussion about what the right treat would be, whether it be Ding Dongs, Cupcakes, or Nutty Bars, they finally agreed Cupcakes were the worthy treat to satisfy a bus driver's long day of work.

So that was that. They walked a few blocks to the pink palace and corner fort and said good night.

The dates continued.
At SLC's Temple Square on another date.
The princess is wearing the hat the talented knight knit for her.

The love grew.

And they live happily ever after.


Derrek & Rilee said...

Are you gonna make it into a book for future reading? It would be so cute!

Ashlee said...

Such cute pictures, and such a perfect bedtime story! I can't believe you lived in a PINK house! That's awesome! This post was so cute. You are such a good writer!

Allen and Cameo said...

Rachel you are so cute! I just love you!

Joanna said...

Very fun post!