Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday Henry became attached to my headband.

"Hat!" he screams, as he pats his head.

I point to the headband, "Nope, that's a girl's headband. You're a boy!"

"Hat," he says knowingly.

I tried to take it off since we were about to head out to the play room. He threw a fit. As soon as I put the headband on his head he let out a sigh and said, patting his head again, "Hat. Girl hat."

So this is how he looked walking around the neighborhood.

I tried to look like a confident mom.


Rachel said...


Katie said...

Haha! He's super funny. :)

A and N said...

If it makes you feel any better, Derek LOVES to dress up in Aubrie's dress-up stuff:)

Kayla R. said...

OH man Tyler would DIE!!! That is so funny!!

Sarah said...

That's hilarious! And your headband is adorable by the way... :)