Monday, February 15, 2010

Love for a bear

Around the house, this bear is everything to Henry. It's funny, he got it from his Busby cousins, who won it for him at the MGM in Las Vegas. You know, one of those bears you don't expect a child to become attached to; but he LOVES it.
The cutest image I have of him with his bear is when I was walking out of his room after putting him to bed and, laying in his crib, Henry holds the bear up so he can look him in the face and then he starts babbling to his bear then he gave him a big kiss. He then rolled over and went to sleep.
My heart melted!
Here are two videos of him talking to his bear.

Look how he holds his bear's face in his hands!

I have a hard time video taping him doing anything any more because once he realizes he's being recorded he wants to check himself out. Anyway, they're short but sweet clips.

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