Monday, February 8, 2010


This kid is looking and acting more and more like Todd every day.
Our Spanish-speaking friends call him "Toddito", our little Todd.
"Toddito" watching a show

Reading National Geographic for Kids

And the Friend
Recently he has wanted to wear his fancy shoes ALL the time, even in his PJs.
(And that's NOT like Todd.)

Admiring his new map and collage of Jesus


Nakita Ellis said...

That is fun that he is so much like his dad! I bet Todd loves that!

I love how many ways you foster Henry's learning. I like to look at what you do with him to help me think of things to do with Reese to help her learn.

Katie said...

I still just can't believe how big he's getting. Such a fun little boy you have there! I had no idea they have National Geographic for kids. Maybe we'll have to get it for the big O... you know, once she gets to the point where she wouldn't just eat it.

Ashlee said...

That picture of him with the Friend is totally adorable. You should send it in!