Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Welcome Spring

Todd made Henry a soccer goal!!
To celebrate the first day of spring I wore a white skirt and sandals, and we cracked open a new pair of sandals for Henry.
But the real celebration was with a new soccer goal.
Henry was practically going bananas for it all day as he watched Todd put it together.

You can hear him chant, "coccer ball goal, coccer ball goal". Pure excitement and anticipation.

He had to let his bear have a chance at a goal.

Going around the net . . . And it's in!

Bouncing the ball on the back of the net. A close-up in the windy weather.

A Hat Trick!


Stephanie said...

We can't believe how big he is! We are so happy we found your blog. Todd: those are some pretty amazing soccer-goal-making skills.

Allen and Cameo said...

Allen and I loved this video so much! He is so cute. Soccer Goal!

Ashlee said...

So cute! That first video just made me laugh -- he was SO excited! We are celebrating spring too! We couldn't do it on Sat but this week we're going to party. I am so excited for WARMTH!

Rachel said...

I love him! Can I just steal him for a while???

Chelsea said...

Hey! Of course I remember you. Lindsey and I used to be in the same ward, thats crazy you found me through her. Anyway, Henry is a cutie! Hope you are doing well. You in Utah still?