Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Water Hole

It appears that today, spring has sprung in Savoy. We all couldn't be happier.
What did this beautiful spring day bring?
Fascination with water holes--or just the huge pot holes in the street.
Like lions and warthogs surround water holes in Africa, these boys surrounded the Winfield water holes.
They threw rocks in, swished sticks around and pulled sopping leaves out to dry.
Oh, and they jumped in them and got soaked and dirty, and loved every minute of it.

Off to the water hole!!

Speaking of water holes, check this out.


Kayla R. said...

ha ha LOVE IT!

okbushmans said...

That totally reminds me of us playing in the gutter that runs from our sidewalk to Grandma Wollenzeins! We used to splash in that dirty water in our swimsuits like it was a bath tub! Crazy kids.