Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plugged to Unplugged?

Two things have been plugged at our house this past month. Our dryer and . . . my ear.
Pretty exciting, huh? Well, no, more like a nuisance. This is what a broken dryer looks like:

Clothes hanging everywhere.
At first it was frustrating to not have a dryer. Doing laundry ended up taking a whole week instead of two days because drying time was practically multiplied by 20! But, after the first week I was used to it and it wasn't frustrating any more.
I kind of liked it.
It reminded me of my days in Ghana when I washed my clothes by hand and hung them all up to dry.

I remembered that a dryer is such a luxury and that millions of people wash their clothes by hand and hang them to dry everyday, and they survive, and do it happily.
(Luckily this time around I didn't have to worry about rainstorms soaking our clothes and pulling down our clothes line. That was a plus.)
Well, thanks to Winfield maintenance (they are the best I've EVER seen) we now have an "elbow" inserted into our dryer tube to keep it from kinking behind our dryer causing lint to clog easily and prevent clothes from drying. We have our dryer back!

Now that our dryer has been fixed we're on to fixing our other "plugged" problem: my ear.
Because I'm not deaf and my ear is just plugged, I can still hear my voice, the water beating on my head in the shower, and the loud crunching when I eat.
It's like those cereal commercials where the person can't hear a thing anyone says when he/she's eating because the crunching is just so loud.
But, I can't hear much of anything else.
I see the doctor tomorrow. If he can't help me I might just have to get a Master Blaster.
I'm looking forward--hopefully--to being able to hear again soon!


Katie said...

1. I am so jealous that you have a washer and dryer! But that does not mean that you are without my sympathy about the broken dryer. That would be mega lame-o.
2. I hope you don't have to get a Master Blaster. Ha!

Doughboy's girl said...

I have had a doctor clean out my ear with a syringe and warm water before. It tickles! That is probably what the doctor will do.

A and N said...

Hope you feel better, Rachel, it's never fun to have something wrong!

Becky said...

i don't know what's worse, a plugged dryer or ear. i would say ear. that is the worst feeling ever. i can't imagine having it for an extended period of time. i hope it gets fixed soon like your dryer did. good luck at the doctor.

Lindsay said...

I have a working dryer but still air dry 90% of our clothes. There is something about it that I love it, also, I feel that clothes last longer if ya do it! I laughed at your pictures of your clothes everywhere because that is what my house looks like everytime I do laundry

Joanna said...

Rachel, I hand wash and air dry all of our clothes, not because we live in Ghana, but because we still don't have a washer/dryer in our home, and I don't like throwing $50-60/month at the laundromat. So, I feel your pain.

If you ever have the problem again, though, it helps to just wash a little bit every day. And try putting the hangers across the shower rod (if it's securely screwed into the wall).