Friday, June 11, 2010

One year older

Our birthdays: one day a year that we can do whatever we want and the rest of the family gets to be part of it, whether it's something the rest would choose to do, too, or not. This usually turns out for interesting and really fun birthdays. Each year I realize I'm still learning about my better half, whether it's a new interest of his, or something ancient but latent.

First, Todd's birthday! This was his big day: eating Papa Del's deep dish pizza--oh, so good--watching Ponyo, and eating his favorite dessert, Barbershop Dessert. Ponyo--a Japanese anime. Who knew? He had been wanting to see it for about a year but knew he could only request it on his birthday, if he did not want to hear any objections from me. (Choosing a movie can be difficult when you're married, true?) There was no way I could deny him his birthday wish. Though different, I found myself oddly intrigued with the story of a goldfish that wants to be human but is trapped by her human-like father that lives underwater . . . until I fell asleep, which I tend to do in every movie.

One thing, among a million and one things, I really appreciate about Todd is that I have branched out and experienced new things because of him, like D&D. Yes, D&D--Dungeons and Dragons. Am I admitting this? Yep. I have found that I identify best with the lawful goods. (But, this story is for an entirely different post.) Todd keeps our marriage interesting. I love it.

In addition to his birthday celebration he received camping gear (which will soon be put to use at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky), 221B Baker Street (a Sherlock Holmes board game) and The Pocket Ref ("A pocket book that has everything you'll ever need to know. Go ahead, ask me anything," -Todd).

Second, Rachel's birthday! My big day: waffles and Jamba Juice for breakfast, a trip to IKEA in Chicago, and dinner at Carraba's. It was a very fine day. Henry must have known it was my birthday because he was a perfect angel driving the 2 hours up and back and he even tolerated browsing through IKEA for hours. That is, until we started talking about a "big-boy" bed. Then everything became, "No big-boy bed . . . No cars sheets . . . No trains . . . No elephant sheets . . . No pillow." Was this the same Henry we knew? Probably not. So, against his better judgment, we got him a big-boy bed, and now Henry sleeps in it like he was never without it.

Oh, and did I mention that the morning of my birthday Todd and Henry made a homemade, 3-layer, Italian Cream Cake? It was/is SO good.

Next up? Henry's birthday. He has only been talking about his June birthday since April and I hope it turns out to be roaring good fun. A two year old, monsters, cake and friends: What could be more fun? Stay tuned . . .


danette said...

Wow a little jealous sounds like Henry is talking better than Josh. He just turned three and really had no idea about his birthday even though I told him all the time.

I hope Henry has a happy birthday.

Rachel said...

Happy birthday to you all! I can't belive that Henry is almost two!