Friday, May 28, 2010

The "White Spanish Gazpacho" Soup

This is the best cold soup; perfect for a hot summer day. It was so refreshing that the next day when I was starving I pulled it out of the fridge and guzzled it right from the pot, without the toppings. No one was watching and it was, oh, so good.

Here's the recipe:

3 medium-sized cucumbers, peeled and cut into chunks (I don't like to peel them so it gives the soup a nice green speckled look)
1 small clove of garlic
3 Cups chicken broth
3 Cups sour cream
3 Tablespoons white vinegar
~2 teaspoons salt
- - - - - - -
4 medium-sized tomatoes, chopped, or a small box of cherry tomatoes
1/4 Cup chopped parsley
1/2 Cup sliced green onions
3/4 Cup toasted salted whole almonds
(any other topping you like: sunflower seeds, chopped carrots and celery, cold peas, olives, croutons, whatever)

Combine the cucumbers and garlic in a blender. Blend together while slowly adding the chicken broth. Pour the cucumber blend into a pot, whisk in the sour cream until smooth. Season with white vinegar and salt to taste. Cover and chill. To serve the soup, ladle into bowls and have ready all the toppings you want. Add toppings and enjoy! It makes 4-6 servings (depending on your appetite).

¡buen provecho


Kelsey said...

Rachel, so good to hear from you. Yes, we are here in Scotland and really enjoying all that it has to offer. I hope you and your adorable fam are doing well. I grew up eating/drinking Gazpacho. It is a such a fun summer food I look forward to yearly. It's nice that blogs can keep us in touch:)

Linda Hall said...

Rachel, I know where you got this great recipe! I love your mom's gazpacho. I am redoing my kitchen, but it should be finished in a week. I look forward to making your gazpacho this summer. Thanks for the recipe!! You are a cute mom and wife.

Rachel said...

Sounds lovely...I may just have to try it!

A and N said...

We're in St Louis, so the next time you come out to visit the temple, let us know! It would be great to see family more often!

A and N said...

July 6th would be great for us. We look forward to seeing you guys! Congrats too!!!! I love hearing that kind of happy news :)