Monday, July 26, 2010

Making Bubbles

Also on Saturday, Todd and Henry went to Home Depot to pick up supplies to make giant bubbles. They did this while we--the Primary presidency--hosted a Pioneer Day Activity. (The activity turned out great, by the way!) So, before the guys made their movie, Fire on Block Twelve (see post below), we had some fun making bubbles.

Todd was also practicing his disappearing act: Now you see him, now you don't.
Just kidding.

Ahhhh! This one looks like it's chasing Henry! Todd calls it "The Abyss" bubble. ScArY!
Henry was our soap-stirrer.

Henry had a blast chasing the bubbles and popping them . . . or trying to . . .

because some of them got away and landed in our neighbor's backyard, darn it.

I gave it a whirl, too.

Did you know people make careers out of bubbles?
Apparently this guy does, and kids love it.
And because of him Todd has now challenged himself to making all kinds of bubbles and bubble makers. Okay, maybe just a bubble maker out of bamboo sticks and a long string. It should be cool. This new hobby should make our spring, summer, and fall days fun!!


Ashlee said...

You Freestones are too cute! Oh my word I am laughing so hard right now at that adorable video! I can't wait to show Corey and the boys when I get home. (I'm sneaking a peek at work). That seriously made my day. I would never have even thought to do something like that! And the bubbles are amazing. Wow!

Katie Parent said...

awesome bubbles!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

oh my those bubbles are amazing! How are they so big?