Saturday, July 31, 2010

A summer fair, a fair is fun, in summer time we go to one.

Lights. Ferris Wheel. Chocolate ice cream cones. Slides.
Diggers. Funnel cake. Pizza. Tractor-pull. Dragon roller coaster. Trains.
"Copters". Fun House. And "Soccer-michaels", i.e. Motorcycles.
All this describes one thing: the Champaign County fair. Henry was in Heaven.

After every ride he was all smiles and before you knew it he was marching off to the next adventure with either his finger pointing at his chosen destination, or his hands in fists and eyes scanning the premises. We really had to hurry to keep up.

I think the "soccer-michael" was his favorite.

Unfortunately (?), mommy could only ride the Ferris Wheel due to the dangerous nature of the rides.
Notice the stork with a "red donut" (as Henry called it) around it.
I think this was our best summer night thus far.


Allen and Cameo said...

Just so you know... you look super cute!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

congrats on finding out your baby is a boy. I missed that post! crazy! so exciting!

Hey Ho it's Ashleigh Noel said...

Oh rachel could you and your little family be any cuter? I think not! You look glowing!

Joanna said...

Don't tell, but I kind of went on the Tower of Terror when I was seven months pregnant with Eli. We were at Disney World with Jacob's family for a whole week, and I couldn't help myself! Nothing bad happened. Totally worth it.