Monday, August 30, 2010

Free finds

Whoa, in the same day Henry came upon 2 AWESOME beyond AWESOME toys.
The first, a Spiderman costume found at our Relief Society swap the night before.
It had a few holes in the seams and I quickly sewed them up--good as new.
And second, a tricycle!!
On our second walk of the day we were walking around the Winfield Village perimeter and came across an old Fisher-Price tricycle sitting by one of the big blue dumpsters. Although a little hesitant to let him take it (because "we don't take things that aren't ours") I encouraged him to hop on and try it. It clearly was discarded and up for grabs, seeing as it was lying next to two broken lamps and a broken shovel, so Henry scooted away with it!

The pedals are in good condition, the tires are fully inflated, and the seat isn't chewed up.
The handle bars are a bit worn and the handle grips a bit sticky, but nothing a good cleaning won't cure.

This kid couldn't have been happier.

I could be a little embarrassed to admit that we retrieved our treasures from someone's trash, but I'm really not. We are lucky ducks.

Henry's pretending the bar is a ramp.
He's talking about the driver going right and left and all around.
And, no shame. "Where'd we find the tricycle?"
"The garbage!"


Taylor and Aleni said...

That's awesome. I love free finds. I'm never ashamed. I usually want everyone to know that I've found a great (free!) deal!! Good for you and Henry. :)

A and N said...

It usually doesn't take much to make kids happy (which I am very thankful for!)

Spencer and Anna said...

There's no shame in a good matter how it came about. :) I forgot that you guys lived in Champaign. My sister and her husband lived there while he did his masters and PhD. I've totally been there like four times. :) It's a great area.

Rachel said...

Awesome! I love the freegan lifestyle.

In fact...I just took a chair out of my next-door neighbor's garbage pile. Disgusting? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.

Ashlee said...

Going green is all the rage and this totally counts! You're not taking trash you are saving the planet!

Nakita Ellis said...

Definitely don't be embarrassed by treasures found in the garbage. Our development in Heber has big dumpsters at the base of it where everyone throws their trash and we have scored multiple items from it. I LOVE that trike! And Henry looks adorable on it in his spiderman outfit.