Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Farmer Henry

Animals + Tractors = Farm = Henry's love

Last week we made it to Prairie Farms, a petting farm, and we stayed there for hours. On the way there Henry fell asleep in the car and so we parked in the shade and I let him sleep while I did some work on the laptop.
He woke up (you can see his bed-head goin' on) and we had a great picnic. All Henry talked about was scary dungeons and mice and a princess (we recently watched The Tale of Despereax). Oddly, Henry ate only the lettuce and the bread of his sandwich, but he loved it. We also had peaches and mangoes, yogurt, and a new favorite, Smarties, for dessert.

I took lots of pictures, and most of which are just the back of Henry's head. He adored each animal, calling it by its name (duck, horsie, sheep) and saying "Hi, how are you? Smell my hand?"

He watched the miniature horses chase each other, and when it was time for their water break, he took one, too.

In my opinion, the mini horses were the cutest animals there. We learned that they were originally bred to be used to help pull carts in mines--I didn't know that.

The scariest were, bar none, the turkeys. YIKES! I never realized how scary their blue and red wrinkled faces are, with their beady eyes and hidden beak, but they are pretty freaky up close. As we looked into the cage the turkey flared its tail feathers and approached us and I felt we had crossed the line. The turkey was looking at us like, back away slowly, off my turf, if you take one step closer I'll . . . get you! With fingers all accounted for we moved onto the peacocks and the chickens.

"Hi chickens! Cluck, cluck, cluck!"

The pigeons, bunny rabbits, and the pigs.
"Hi pigs, wake up!" He turns to me, "Mom, stinky, dirty; pigs need a bath."

Then it was on to the horses, and he spent an ample amount of time here. He loved the horses, and thought they'd enjoy a good tickle. He was convinced that they liked to be tickled, too, when their legs would flinch like a muscle spasm. It was cute.

Me (26 weeks pregnant) and Henry crossing the bridge.

Famer Henry driving his tractor.

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Rachel said...

Awesome. I can't believe he's getting so old!