Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Days of Summer

The past two days we have received a lot of rain and today there is a definite strong, cool breeze. Fall is approaching fast and I'm excited. I love the fall.
But, before the sunny, hot days escape us we're living them up as best as we can. My favorite days of the summer are spent at the park, swimming, and just playing.
One of my goals as a mom is to really show my kids how to play, and that playing is wonderful.


Driving the bus . . . Riding in a rocket ship
When ever he pretends he always "puts on a voice", as I call it, and puckers up his lips.

Splashing with the seals and more rocket ship riding

Catching a butterfly . . . flexing his muscles

Talking to the people in China . . . acting like mom--keeping the gate closed.

Pretending our carrot chips are our eyes. "All I see is "orgin" (orange), Mom." Ha, ha, ha, you're so funny, Henry.

Learning to swim. His favorite game is "Surfin' in the USA". He stands on my bent legs in the shallow end of the pool while I run in place singing "Surfin' in the USA" until he slips off and laughs hysterically. He could do this ALL day long. Before long, though, my legs are a burnin'.

Pretending to wait for the bus to school, just like Daddy.
He even wears a red backpack like Daddy.

*P.S. Embarrassing moment for the day:
Moments ago I took out the trash and caught a glimpse of my reflection in my neighbor, Betsy's, glass door and was a little shocked.
Am I really that big?
(A tiring question I ask myself and Todd almost daily.)
I put the trash in the garbage bin and came back to the window to check myself out.
I checked myself out, and then turned around to see the utilities service man sitting in his truck watching. Oops. That's embarrassing.
I just kind of pat my belly and walked away with my hand on my back like it was aching or something--a possible reason for me to check myself out . . .


Rachel said...

Hahahahah. I'm sure he was just checkin' you out too....Todd better watch out. You're a gorgeous pregnant lady!

Stephanie said...