Monday, September 6, 2010

Aged legs and lemons

They say every pregnancy is different, and in the recent month I've learned that is true. With Henry, my pregnancy was pretty painless, except for the passing of a kidney stone at 7 months pregnant. He was even gracious enough to come a whole month early and shave off the 4 last dreaded weeks. I was sure grateful.

The first major difference with this pregnancy is:

Varicose veins.
Not fun, nor pretty.
But, I think I'll wear them with pride.
I never realized they were painful, that they itched, burned and throbbed like a bruise.
Looking on the bright side, though, they have given me an extra excuse to put my feet up more often. That's nice.
And, maybe I'll have the whole roadway map of Iowa right on my leg!
(Did you ever watch Pete and Pete? I hadn't until about a week ago when Todd brought it home from the library. We've been enjoying them--yay for the 90s! Apparently big Pete's history teacher has the roadways of Iowa mapped out in varicose veins on her leg. Kinda gross, but I really can't say that anymore.)
The best news of all, I hear they'll feel and look much better once little Grant/Theodore/Franklin/Calvin arrives (we still don't know what his name will be). And that's even nicer.

The second difference:

I can't get enough orange juice, lemonade, limeade, my orange salad; basically anything citrus.
I think this is nature's way of reducing the risk of another kidney stone, or does it increase the risk? I don't know, but that's what a crave!
Mmm. I think I'm up for a tall glass of melonade right about . . . now.
See ya!


okbushmans said...

Rach! That looks SOOO painful! What women do for our kids is beyond amazing. And I MISS YOU TOO! When I think to call, the kids are going crazy! How's everything?

Lindsey S. said...

I just love that you are bow legged or so it seems, I am soooo bow legged! I was just getting a few veins this time too but then our baby came, so they have seemed to stop. I hope they don't get much worse for you. I've heard they aren't fun. The good thing is there is a treatment for them. So you won't have to be in pain forever, hopefully anyway!

Ashlee said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE Pete and Pete. I thought I was the only person earth who remembered those guys. I sometimes reference them to Corey and he just doesn't get it because he never watched. Wow. I thought they had been totally forgotten by the whole world. Todd just went up in my eyes.

Also... I am making this delicious looking orange salad this week on the side of a Mahi-Mahi recipe that I love. I bet it will go really well. Yay for citrus! Thanks for the recipe! I can't wait to try it!