Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A weekend with Mim and Bub

A few weekends ago (was it that long ago already?) Mim and Bub visited. They could have stayed forever, and we would have been completely happy. They, on the other hand, I'm sure would be exhausted. They did so much for us while here and we are so grateful.

Here are a few highlights of the weekend:

1 | Curtis Orchard

See Henry's tongue?

2 | C-U's Farmer's Market

We purchased this gorgeous cockscomb from a Mennonite woman. 3$ a bundle and they lasted a week! We also got goat cheese, a pie, frozen dinners (really good ones), and fresh veggies--yum!

3 | Chanute Air Museum in Rantoul (just 30 minutes North of C-U)

Henry loved the puppies on this wing and exclaimed when he saw it, "Mom! Robot eyes!"
Oh, and, "Hey mom, my hands are dirty." Yikes!

This one reminded me of me, big belly and all. It was the oddest looking airplane there--with the mole nose and deep belly. It was kind of like a submarine airplane. But I think it's kinda cute.

Bubby actually flew in this bad boy--officially named Hercules--back in the day.
We're so proud.

This engine was so neat. Henry could actually push the ignition button and get it churning.
It was pretty amazing.

4 | A new helmet and bicycle with basket

He's looking more and more like Todd every day.

6 | Building a shed

I contributed nothing but the power drill/screw driver.
Isn't it a beauty? It is so nice to be able to say, "Hey babe, can you stick this, that, the other out in the shed?" or "Oh, the [you name it]? It's out in the shed." We have now been told by neighbors that we are officially permanents at the village. That's nice to know.

7 | Amish Country: Arcola and Arthur, Illinois

What an amazing people the Amish are! We were constantly in awe with the quality and craftsmanship of their products, and their humility. We made a few purchases, and I love them: the HENRY train, the quilted pillow for entry chair, the red and white table runner (see cockscomb picture above) and My Little Golden Book About GOD. Everything was so reasonably priced, I was amazed.

Thanks Mim and Bub for visiting!
We welcome any family any time. We love visitors!


Ashlee said...

LOVE the table runner and pillow. LOVE Henry's face poking through the wood carve outs. What a good looking shed too! I can't believe they made it. Awesome! Yay for family!

John Ottosen said...
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John Ottosen said...

I have always wanted to visit the Amish. The goat cheese sounds interesting.

It looks like you had fun with all the cool aircraft. I don't think your belly is that big. Mine is far bigger. You look healthy-for a pregnant woman. If I were to compare your size to an airplane I would pick a EA-6B prowler(see http://members.quicknet.nl/lm.broers/picswar1/ea6b.jpg)

Rachel and Todd said...

Haha, Andy, you're the best.