Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dancing King

All day . . .

and all night.
As you can see, he doesn't like me to sing or dance with him.
I think he's a center stage kind of guy.

Just don't tell him he gets all his awesome dance moves from me.


Kelsey said...

Rachel your little guy is so adorable and such a smartie. What a stud! I am so happy for you to have #2. Best wishes.

Kelsey Gray

Erin said...

What the heck! I wish you lived closer! Henry is just too cute to miss out on! I think he and Bennett could have some fun. Be sure to drop a line somehow when you'll be out here next! I gotta see this guy in person!

Sarah said...

So cute!!! Whenever I get out the camera my girls get stage fright. Not Henry! :)

Ollie and Floyd said...

That is adorable - at 2 Henry is a far better dancer than I could ever hope to be.
We're so excited for the arrival of your new little guy - hope that you're feeling well in the meantime.