Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Up a Crab Tree

You know those days when your kid is just being so cute you take picture after picture? Yeah, this was one of those days.

Humor me.

I think he's gorgeous.

I've been eating up every minute with him I can, just enjoying our time together before another little one joins us. I know things will get crazy for a while after the little bro is born, and I'm nervous for that. However, because I have an enormous love for Henry that I can't explain adequately, I have already started to love this new one so much, too. I'm looking forward to my heart growing another another full size as I get to know him--Henry's little bro.
Only 6 more weeks to go!


danette said...

Really cute pictures.

okbushmans said...

He is a stud. A handsome stud. Future heart-breaker! Love the pictures.

And yes, it can be very hard when you have to divide your attention between your kids. There's guilt on your part, often screaming on their part, and frustration all around. Then things seem to melt together and find a new normal, and it is great. Especially seeing him in a new role as big brother. So fun and worth it. (Hopefully I didn't scare you!)

Rachel said...

Henry is the best! Blake and I watched the "I am a robot" and "Hello, I'm a puppet" videos over and over again the other night and we were laughing histerically. I hope that our kids are as cute and creative as yours!

Nakita Ellis said...

He is gorgeous! I think I'm feeling the same way as you - trying to soak up all the one on one time with Reese anticipating the craziness of having a new baby, yet being so excited to love someone else as well. Good luck with everything!