Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet Smudge

One thing that I am frequently reminded of is this:
Children love Jesus.
They freely talk about Him, ask about Him, and express their love for Him. It is so wonderful. If we could all be a bit more like children the world would be a much happier place.
I've had a crew of kids over to my house the past couple of days and each day I'm exhausted--almost to tears--but yesterday while I was cleaning up the toys, food, dishes, sticks, leaves, and sticky finger marks on the couch, windows, TV, and all the rest I noticed this:

Look closely.
The photo on the left wasn't taken with a flash and if you look carefully, you'll see two little lip marks right on Jesus' lips (and nose). The photo on the right was taken with a flash so you can't see it.
I'm not sure who left that sweet mark, but whoever did clearly loves Jesus and wasn't afraid to show it.
When I noticed this smudge I was so humbled. After being completely exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally, I was able to remember Jesus, and that I love Him, and that taking care of His children is the most Christ-like thing I can do. I remembered that all my efforts are not for naught, and that through my actions, I can show these children that Jesus loves them, too.
I'm gonna let that lip smudge stay for a while. It's a good reminder.


Janie said...

Wow, what a great story! I will try to remember the smudge, too.

Nakita Ellis said...

Such a good reminder!

Allen and Cameo said...

Love it!

Sarah said...

That is so special! Thanks for sharing.