Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New and Green

Things could not be better around here.
Theodore is the most wonderful addition to our family.
We all love him very, very much. And this includes Henry.
For months I've worried that Henry would hate the baby, try to hurt him, and insist that I not hold him. Much to my surprise, Henry is the sweetest big brother. He LOVES Theodore. He finds him inherently fascinating and funny. He laughs at every little squeak, sneeze, or kick little Theo makes. He shares toys with him and actually likes me to hold him! I hope this lasts . . .
Although I'm duly impressed with Henry's acclamation to a new baby I do keep a good eye on them at all times.
Just a week or so ago Henry had a good friend, Alaster, over and while Alaster's mom and I were chatting down stairs we were interrupted as a laundry basket sped down the stairs. Alaster was sitting in it complete shocked and Henry stood at the top of the stairs with a nervous look on his face.
Again, I'll be keeping a close eye on my two boys.

Here are a few pictures of our darling baby. More pictures to come soon!

Theo's awake

Henry teaches Theo


Nakita Ellis said...

Oh my goodness he is so cute! I'm glad Henry took such a liking to him! I only wish the same will be the case with Reese and our baby - I have the same worries! Glad things are going well!!

Our fun family said...

congrats! he is so cute! I am so glad Henry is doing so well with him, lets just hope he does not send the baby down in a laundry basket. haha Thats actually how Paige broke her arm, she tried to ride down the stairs in a large rubbermaid bin.
It broke along with her arm in the crash at the bottom.

Lindsey S. said...

Congrats! I am so so happy for you! Bailey and Theodore share the same birthday!

I was so worried about Bailey too but she is wonderful. Glad to hear Henry is too. It's a big help. It's totally crazy and tiring with 2 so let yourself take some time getting use to it. At least for me I am still trying to get use to it and Matthew has been home for about 5 weeks! I'm still in my pajamas most days James gets home. Mainly because Matthew wants to eat every 2 hours or sooner. But hey it's life. We'll get through it.

Congrats again and try to sleep as much as possible! As I say that while it's 12:35 am. HA

Katie said...

Congrats! Theodore is darling. That's so sweet that Henry is such a good big brother.

Haha, and I love the clothes basket story. Sounds like something Joe would do.

Erin said...

Two darling boys. What a beautiful family, Rachel! We are so happy for you!