Friday, November 26, 2010

Theo, the Champ

While I spent two days in the hospital recovering with Theodore Todd and I stewed over what to name him. Is he Franklin? Calvin? Theodore? Grant? We didn't know. We even sang Happy Birthday to him hoping the right name would pop out, but it didn't. However, each night I spent alone with him I had time to feel who he was. As I held and loved him and sang to him in those wee hours I just knew he was our Theodore.
He's our little gift from God.

Turley is a good middle name for little Theodore, too, because in this family Turleys are known as great eaters. Theo was born hungry and was a champion of eating from the get-go. This made life so easy for me and he is now known as our little champ. Way to go, champ.

I was so lucky to have my mom come and stay with us for a week. Nothing compares to a mother's love. This goes for mothers-in-law, too. Oh, how I love my moms! In the previous post where Henry is "teaching Theo" you can hear vacuuming upstairs. Yep, that was my mom. She took such good care of me and the boys. She cleaned house, made meals (which we are still eating) and played with Henry. We loved having her.

Grandma and the boys at the indoor playground and at home.

Theo's first bath. Henry was a great helper.

Post bath. He appeared to feel like a king, and so serious! This is how he often rests--with his little hands folded over his chest.

One of Theodore's features that we just adore is his scallop-edged ear. So cute!

Just some cutes of the champ and big bro Henry.

What does Henry do while I tend to Theo? PLAY. It is so wonderful. He entertains himself for a good couple hours a day (while I'm near or watching, of course). I think he loves the slowed-down pace we now enjoy. I love it, too.

Henry's playing with his crab robot he and Todd built.

We all love little Theodore around here!!

P.S. If you want to compare Theo to Henry click here. I think they're actually pretty different, but both very handsome!


Ashlee said...

Love the story of how you came to know his name. And that video is DARLING. I love how Henry repeats everything you say, and how sweet he is with him! What a blessing!

Jenika said...

He is so gorgeous! That is a very sweet story, you are such a great mother, it just warms my heart to think of you singing to your precious Theodore. Henry looks like such a great big brother, I love that little grin. Congratulations!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

oh my heck, he is soo cute! Congrats! and Henry is cute as ever. I like Theo!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...
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Stephanie said...

He's so cute. Congratulations! Henry makes a great big brother!