Friday, December 17, 2010

The Second Installment

Jenika has done it again! It's such a joy to have her as a friend, AND photographer.
Check out more photos of Theodore (and us) at:



Joanna said...

She writes as well as she photographs! They're all so beautiful.

srbushman said...

I love, LOVE, love these! The ones of the little boys toes is sooo adorable. She knows how to capture kids naturally. And it is quite unfair that you don't look like you had a baby in the past year, let alone month!

Spencer and Anna said...

These are beautiful! Congrats again on your growing family!

Ashlee said...


These really did turn out beautifully! What a gorgeous family you are. I hope you are having a great time in Utah! I was so sad I didn't get to come see you this month before you left. :( We'll have to catch up soon once you get back. I'm finally finding some measure of relief over here!

Much Love and Merry Christmas!