Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A clean vessel

Last night we, as a presidency, met at the church during a blizzard. We pulled all the contents out of our "Primary closet", went through it, and organized it. A rule of thumb: If we hadn't used in the past 7 months or already have a plan to use it, we would chuck it. There were many outdated things, but also many awesome things.

You might be interested (hah!) to hear some of the nastiest things the closet held:

stale dinosaur crackers
glitter (Todd hates the stuff)
molding crape paper (just slightly)
and worst of all . . .
an old water pitcher with water, and mold growing.

Yuck!! Double yuck! So, we figured as we put things back in the closet that if anything was behind anything else, it wouldn't get used. Now everything's easy to see and accessible.

Some of its awesomer contents:

a Polaroid camera
a laminating machine
Primary helps from the 70s
all the Primary songs on cassette tapes (which honestly can't be used anymore, are tape players still used?)
a Sharing Time video with President Hinckley

Although this post may seem really silly to most of you, a clean Primary closet is like . . . I don't know . . . if closets could be exalted, ours would be the city of Enoch of closets.

It's golden.

Lots of great things have happened in our lives since Christmas, which I will post about, but a clean Primary closet? Come on.

Anyway . . .


Lindsey S. said...

Girl I hear you!!! We did that to ours about a year ago and it was life changing!!!

They released me by the way... by my request. I miss it like crazy but Matthew needed his mom and with James in the elders quorum pres. it was just way too much. I just felt as if I wasn't doing my part like I was before. I hate not giving my all. Who knew I would miss is so so much!

Crys said...

I wish you could have seen how many of those helps we threw out before it changed over. We are talking bags, and bags :) Sorry for the scary stuff we left...I think we'd just get overwhelmed with how much we'd thrown out. I saw the closet on Sunday though and it looked awesome!