Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks, big bro

Who needs batteries when you've got a big brother?

Today we put together the swing. Henry helped and thought it was for him. At the first, "No, this was your swing when you're a baby, but now it's for Theodore," he tried to climb in but as soon as I told him that he could push Theo, he forgot about swinging and was so excited to do the big brother thing and push Theodore.

Henry loves his little brother so much, it's wonderful.
When Theodore hick-ups Henry says with a smile, "He's growing! Soon he'll be able to walk and talk like me!"
Henry tries to give him high fives.
He coos and blubbers right back at Theodore and tells me that Theo is talking.
He gives him hugs and kisses on the head.
When Theodore cries Henry will tell him "It's okay, 'Feedadore'," and then he'll whisper while petting his head, "calm down, Feedadore, it's okay."
When I change Theodore's diaper Henry will come and lay next to him and talk and giggle to him. If Theodore happens to touch Henry as his arms kind of flail around Henry gets so excited, "Mom, he touched my face!"
The cute thing is, Theodore loves Henry right back. He lights up and starts kicking and squirming when Henry gives him attention. Theo will keep his eyes on Henry as he plays around the room, seeing what his big bro is up to.
I think these two will be good friends.


danette said...

I love that my kids have siblings to play with. It is what makes me want to have another baby sooner than later so that Eli will have a friend to play with just like Caleb and Marysa and especially like Azalea and Joshua.

Boys are so cute.

Lindsey S. said...

So sweet! Baily loves to swing Matthew! Good thing they only let them go so high!

Ashlee said...

Oh! That's the best! And I just have to say that Theodore couldn't look any more scrumptious all wrapped up in cream with just his cute little face poking out!