Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The best goof

Sunday I made probably the best goof of my life.
I made homemade cupcakes with Henry. He was a big help. He scooped, I leveled, he poured, and we mixed. He says, "I'm a good cooker, Mom." And, he is. We love our kitchen time together.

But back to the goof.

So the recipe called for 3/4 Cup of butter. Well, I looked at the sticks and saw the 1/4 on the end of the stick. The rest of the identifier, i.e. "cup" or "lb", was folded into the end. Without giving it much thought I assumed it was Cup.
Whoa, three sticks of butter for one cupcake recipe? Wow, okay. It does say "butter-yellow".
I went with it and we made the batter and baked them. They were great. Pretty shiny but great. When Todd came home he was happy to see cupcakes.
"They're good but you probably don't want to know how much butter is in them."
He's curious, "A stick?"
He laughed.
"Yeah, I was surprised, too, but . . . (Todd's still smiling) wait a second."
I pulled the wrapper out of the garbage and found the "lb" after the 1/4.
I was supposed to use a stick and a half.
I used three--I DOUBLED the butter for the recipe.
I'll have you know, they are fabulous.
If you're looking to put on a few pounds (and I'm sure some of you are), just double the amount of butter called for in a given recipe and that'll do the trick. Surprisingly, it doesn't ruin the recipe at all, it just makes it more full of love . . . or butter.


Rachel said...

Mmmm. That sounds delicious. That's not a goof...it's an improvement!

Lindsey said...

You really can't go wrong with doubling butter EVER!

sarah e. said...

Hahaha! I made the same goof in a batch of cookies over Christmas. I kept thinking, "They taste great, but I am sure they weren't this flat last time." I checked to make sure I put in the right amount of flour and everything. And then the next morning in the shower all of a sudden it came to me. Most recipes call for 1 c (two sticks) of butter but this recipe only called for 1/2 c. And although I had read this fact several times, it just didn't register that I had been on automatic and put in double the butter. But I did get compliments on those cookies. :)

Erin said...

Everything is better with more butter. Did you ever see that "Buttertons" commerical where the mom is baking something and she's listing the ingredients: "butter, butter, butter, sugar, butter and more butter!" For some reason I always think of that line when I think about butter. I don't even know what the commerical is for : ) I bet the cupcakes were scrumptious.