Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Where to Go, but Much to Do

We have been snowed-in now for 3 days. Before the storm hit I became a bit anxious wondering what we would do together at home for who knows how many days. I came up with a few things, quite a bit more than we actually have done because, who would have thought, these activities entertained for quite some time. Take these activities, add naps, meal times, and you've got a day. Surprisingly, not once during the three days did Henry ask to watch a show or eat fruit snacks. Well, that was until today (Friday), but it was wonderful while it lasted. Without further ado, let me show you what we did:

Bed slides

The incident that sparked the bed sliding was an "accident". Henry had been doing pretty well during his diaper-less day and, well, missed the toilet and hit my bed skirt. Sooo, we decided to turn my bed into a slide. It was awesome.

"Don't Eat Pete!"

He loves this game. His favorite snacks to use are craisins, cashews, chocolate chips, and popcorn.

We don't have patches but Henry wanted to cover his eye like a pirate, so I pulled out my headbands. And, the extent of our pirating was . . . taking pictures, but it was fun. The headband patches didn't stay on quite so well.

Check out Theodore's smile! We love him!! Peanut butter face anyone?

Then Henry gets a good idea . . .

T-hehe, "Feed-a-dore not can see!" (Currently he switches "cannot" to "not can", it's cute to me.)

Ah, there he is.

Dancing Raisins

It looks like they were all just sinking, but we did have a few dancers. The funnest part is just plopping them all in. This is probably the 5th time we've done this experiment, but Henry still thinks it's pretty neat.

Finger Soccer Games

Ready Spaghetti?


Tinfoil served as a guardrail. Henry's team: Henry (blue) and Franklin (brown). Rachel's team (although I don't have a picture of them): Roxette (red) and Penny (purple). They were pretty and wore fancy hats. Many soccer balls were eaten by the giant Henry monster.

Oh, and some more pictures of little T for kicks


Lorraine said...

Necessity, imagination and necessity are what this nation is built on. You go guys.
Mom C.

Lindsey S. said...

Love these!! How do you do the raisin thing??

mildred said...

Oh my goodness these two boys look like the same person. I thought Theo was Henry in some of these pictures. Cute boys. Adventurous too :)

sarah e. said...

So fun!!! What fun activities. Maggie loves Don't Eat Pete too. :)

Also, blog format question for you. How do you format your pictures? I sometimes think I have mine formatted the way I want them, but then when I make the window a different size, my paragraphs move around and go next to the wrong pictures and stuff. Do you use a table html? (I was reading a little about that, but haven't ever used it.) Because if I center my pictures I can't get them next to each other like you do.

Ashlee said...

Oh you Freestones are so cute! I remember playing don't eat pete when I was little, but I can't remember HOW now. Next time we're together you'll have to teach me! We are always on the lookout for good games.

Kayla R. said...

You are the funnest MOM!!! ha ha i would go crazy being snowed in! ha ha LOVE the post...SO CUTE!