Saturday, February 12, 2011

Science Education and Bubbles

Todd is currently enrolled in a teaching science education class.
His first applied assignment was to show some awesome science to kids at the Boys and Girls Club. Naturally, he chose bubbles. It was a big hit. The kids loved it, especially Henry.

He was a bit nervous at first . . .

But then he loved it and couldn't resist popping it. The "big kids" at the Boys and Girls club thought he was the cutest thing.

And taking a bow.

He said it hurt to do it with his shoes off--he tried for a brief second. We figure his feet are much smaller than ours and it probably did. He did brave the nails with shoes on though!

Todd also made dry ice bubbles. They are so cool!! The vapor from the dry ice and water goes through the tube, and the end of the tube is dipped in soap, and the vapor hits the soap, forms a bubble and floats down. The cool thing is, when you wear cotton gloves (and it helps if they're a bit dirty with oils), the bubble doesn't pop right away when it lands on your hand. You can kind of juggle and bounce it for a minute. But, when it does pop, it's even cooler, the bubble turns to the vapor and it all floats away.

A bubble just popped off of her hand.

If you're interested in trying this at home, folks, just let me know and I can tell you how.

Henry was a good big bro and offered to take Theo off my hands for a second. It turned out to be a whole fun-family affair.


Ashlee said...

Fun! I bet Todd is a great teacher. And who wouldn't love Henry as part of the show?!?

Allen and Cameo and Little Leo said...

Look at those cute boys. What a fun day/activity.

Ivy said...

Your boys are so cute, Rachel!

Matt and Camille Tanner said...

I realize I'm late on this...but I want to know how!

Matt and Camille Tanner said...

Oops-I have to say that again so I can check the box to get an email if you comment back. So cool!!

Rachel and Todd said...

Hello Camille! I'm glad you posted--I'm gonna check your blog. :) Okay, I have to ask my husband first . . .

You have dry ice wit water in the container, and then you dip the hose tip into a soap and water solution, and it makes bubbles.

Todd explains, dry ice (solid CO2) sublimes (goes from a solid phase directly to a gas phase) and the gas goes through the tube and as it escapes it hits the bubble solution, making a bubble.

I think we used an empty plastic pretzel container, cut a hole in the lid the diameter of the tube, glued it air-tight into the hole. The tip of the hose is a PVC connector.

If you want up close pictures so you know what to buy if you're going to make one I can take some and send them to you.