Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Identity Crisis

Every day, and sometimes every hour (or minute), our identities change.
Sometimes things get a bit confusing around here.
You see, we all play different "families" and Henry decides who we all are.
One minute I'm Jessie and I have to refer to Henry as Woody, and the next minute I hear Henry shouting from the other room,

Henry: "Hey, Daphne, come read me a story!"
Me: "Okay, Scoobs."
Henry: "No, no, no, I'm not Scoobs, I'm Woody!"
Me: "Oopsies, I mean, Woody. I'll be right there."
Henry: "Okay, see you soon, Jessie . . . oh, wait, you're not Jessie anymore, you're . . . um . . . Minney!"
Me: Oh, boy.

Most of the time it's pretty fun but some days I think I'm going through an identity crisis.
Here's a list of our characters just in case you get caught up in the mix, too:

Mickey: Henry
Minney: Rachel
Donald Duck: Theodore
Goofy: Todd

Woody: Henry
Jessie: Rachel
Buzz: Todd
Bullseye: Theodore
(And, yes, sometimes Woody tries to ride on Bullseye, but don't worry, he just hovers.)

Charlie Brown: Henry
Lucy: Rachel
Linus: Theodore
Snoopy: Todd

Grover: Henry
Elmo: Rachel
Oscar the grouch: Todd
The Count: Theodore

Scooby Doo: Henry
Shaggy: Todd
Daphne: Rachel
Fred: Theodore


mildred said...

Whoa, that gets confusing. Henry is such a smart little guy. and cute too.

sarah e. said...

Haha...Maggie's always making us be princesses. I feel your pain of not knowing who I am anymore. :)

sarah e. said...

Guess what! I figured out the html table thing. So don't worry about my question, if you were.

And this morning I was Mama Bear. Who were you?

sarah e. said...

That's funny! I had noticed the "none" option for the first time just after figuring out the html method and just before getting your message. I can't believe I never noticed that option before. I wonder if it wasn't always available.

So I probably figured out a more complicated way to do something that's rather simple. Oh well, I like learning new things. :)