Thursday, March 17, 2011

8 sides!

Sometimes dinner is a struggle, that is, Henry would prefer not eating dinner. He'd rather play, run, "eat candy", or watch a show. However, the promise of dessert makes Henry a great dinner eater (yes, we bribe).
One of Henry's favorite dessert choices is a "mint cookie sandwich".
He loves them, and anything mint, really.
After dinner on this night, we were all enjoying a sweet treat of choice when Henry said, "Look at me, Mom! It's an octagon--8 sides!" He had bit the corners off of his mint cookie sandwich to make an octagon.
Wow, I was impressed.
Thanks to Elmo and Jack Black Henry has become a huge fan of octagons and can spot them in a flash, or make them . . . even out of mint cookie sandwiches.
"Count them, Mom, 8 sides!"

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