Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whiteboard Art

We've been putting Todd's whiteboard and markers to good use these days. Henry uses it to draw his specialties: balloons, windows, doors, snakes, worms, suns, waterfalls, fire and the letters "H" and "T".
Because whiteboard art can't be kept forever, I plan to take pictures of them and feature them here. Stay tuned.
Anyway, a few weeks ago when we were all sick, we spent a good afternoon drawing "our family".

This day we were a Toy Story family.
Buzz: Daddy
Bullseye: Theodore
Jessie: Mom
Woody: Henry
Mr. Potato Head: don't know

Theodore showed great support.

His nose ran like a faucet and his cheeks were rosey with fever, but he still smiled. What a dear.


Rachel said...

Wow, Rach. Those drawings are quite impressive. And Henry and Theo are dolls!

Meg said...

I wish I had an elephant sweatshirt. So cute.

Ashlee said...

Is it you that can draw so well, or is it Todd? I am impressed!