Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A few weeks ago we enjoyed General Conference weekend. We loved hearing from the prophet, the apostles, and other general church leaders. What a worldwide gathering it always is! It is so amazing to partake of such a spiritual feast in just 2 days. Now as we re-listen and re-read their inspiring words of faith in Christ, families, service, etc. we can fully digest them and hopefully apply them to our lives so that we are better for hearing them.

During the 2 hour break between Sunday sessions Todd and Henry made windmills. It was a crazy windy day and we fully experienced it.

My favorite part in observing it all was how Henry became an expert of homemade windmills. Todd and Henry made it with a pencil, paper clip, and paper. Todd cut up the paper and Henry helped him put it together. Here you can (kind of) hear (thanks to all the wind) Henry explain how it works.

That what is happen when the wind blows . . .
A windmill.
The wind blows it, it has paper on it, and the pencil has a paper clip on it, and the wind blooows it.
Around and around and around.

Henry is fascinated with most everything these days and soaks up all the information he can about a subject of interest. Then he loves to talk, and talk, and talk about it. How things work, who does what, who is who, the rhyme and reason for things. My favorite is watching him explain with "as a matter of fact" facial expressions and hand gestures. So big-boy.