Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whiteboard Art No. 4: A best friend

When Henry was 18 months old he made a best friend: Anders. Henry has many friends, and even a few best friends, but Anders was his first. They see each other and hug. They cheer for each other and have little jokes together. They love each other!

On a day that Henry was particularly wishing to play with Anders but couldn't, he decided to draw a picture of him.

He worked . . .

and worked . . .

and voila!

Henry even switched up the colors to personalize the drawings.
You see Henry on the right with the brown hair and large red swimsuit (the red blob between his legs), Anders in the middle with blond hair and small red swim suit, and floating mommy heads on the left. Mine is the big one on bottom, and Anders' mommy's is the small one on top. We're also wearing itty bitty red swimsuits below our heads.
Henry drew us "swimming in a purple ocean". The big blue oval is "a world".

Henry's little friends mean the world to him. I'm glad he has been able to make so many friends and learn what it means to be a friend. His friends are so special to him. As you can see in his drawings, H&A are so happy together--look, they're smiling all the way up to their eyes!!


Ashlee said...

So, SO cute!

Meg said...

This made me laugh so hard.

mildred said...

He's good.