Thursday, June 16, 2011

On Demand

Wow--I went a whole month without blogging. Nothing, not one post, but that sure doesn't mean nothing went on! We've had a fabulous and busy 6 weeks and lots to show for it.

But, my camera isn't quite cooperating at the moment so you'll have to hang on a bit longer to see photos.

This post, though, is a video of the boys during Theo's FIRST belly laugh.
During dinner Henry was babbling away and started commanding Theo to laugh.
"Laugh, Theo. Um . . . laugh. Laugh!"
This is what followed.

Oh, I think it's darling. I think he and Henry have the exact same laugh. To this day, two months later, Henry pulls the best laughs out of Theo.


Erin said...

This is too sweet! You can't even hardly tell if it's theo or henry laughing! So funny!

Ashlee said...

Oh so cute! This brought a huge smile to my face. What cute little boys. I think they are going to be such good friends! What a blessing!

Meg said...

So cute.