Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yorb Nation!

What a ride. We all described riding in the ball using one word: INTENSE.
If I tried to imagine what it'd be like to be in a tornado, I'd remember this.
You're buckled in, ankles strapped, and you hang on for dear life. Mr. Yorb (not his real name) tells you to "become the ball"--to push your back against the ball as much as you can (to prevent whiplash)--and hold strong.
"You'll feel like you're going to fly into each other and that your head is hitting the ground but you won't, and it's not."
Oooo, that's comforting.
But, no fear. I was all for it.
Once you're all ready to go you yell "Yorb Nation!". They give you a little nudge, and then you're off. End over end you roll--and sometimes bounce--until you come to a stop. If the weight is balanced you can roll pretty far, I'm guessing 100 yards plus. That was the case when I rode with my sister-in-law, Lisel. We rolled down the hill--screaming all the way--across the bottom of the bowl and stopped feet away from where the hill started to incline again.
It was so fun, but one of those things that you probably wouldn't have to repeat in a life time. I gave it two runs and that was E-nough for me. I'm getting old.

Here are the first brave souls

and the kiddos followed

to climb in and play like hamsters in a ball.

Then back up to the top of the hill for the next round of daredevils.

My nephew Connor volunteered to run with the ball and take pictures of my ride with Lisel. I honestly don't know how he ran so fast down the hill without toppling over--he's one fast and coordinated kid--but he managed.

It was awesome.
Just wouldn't recommend eating J-Dawgs right before doing this (wink, wink).
P.S. I'm not pregnant. I think it's just a J-Dawg-with special sauce, onions, sauerkraut-and applebear baby.


Shellie said...

That is so crazy that you went Yorbing at your family reunion! "Mr. Yorb" aka Joel is one of my husbands best friends! Small world. I'm glad you had fun and I hope that you are doing well!

Crys said...

Rachel I remember you telling me about this before you is even crazier then I imagined! Looks so fun, but I have to say you are one brave girl to do it :)

Ashlee said...

I am SO jealous. I totally want to do this. Fun!