Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Pictures and a Deer

Family pictures were planned for the beginning of the reunion week to ensure good moods from all. Oh, we were all in great spirits, that is, except the grandkids. It was the first picture of the night, the kids looked great, the weather cooperative, but it was the parent-less photo. You know, the grandparents surrounded by their sweet grandkids?

Let's just say the kids were not up for it. Mim and Bub graciously sat in the middle while we parents attempted to place and replace, and calm and bribe (and threaten?) the kiddos into standing still and smiling. But once one babe started crying it was all over. The babies started it all, the toddlers soon joined in. It all became so loud Henry ran away covering his ears and would not go back. It was quite a sight, and the rest of us laughed our heads off. We may have got one shot without a mom's backside in it.

We thought the picture taking was over but decided to go ahead with the rest of the shoot, and thankfully we did because the kids calmed down and were quite happy, and I think we got some great ones! We were almost finished when out comes a deer from the neighbor's yard!

The deer bounded toward us, then dodged us completely. It was a cute little deer. The Freestone's neighbor is a famous artist who has also become a tender of wild animals, and I think he was bringing out the fawn for a little stretch of the legs and potty break. The kids all went crazy for the deer, chasing it, trying to pet it and feed it. It was just a bit jumpy but I was very surprised that it allowed us to get so close.

Have I ever mentioned Henry's great love for animals? Oh, he's crazy about them. All of them. Not crazy like, I wanna squeeze it and hold it by its tale and chase it, but like, wow, you're incredible and I wanna be your friend. He'd say things like, "It's okay little deer, come smell my hand, come on, it's okay . . . " He just loves them, which is actually a familial trait. Todd's sister, Tasha, is the same way. She loves and cares and respects all animals. I think Henry got this from her.

(My gorgeous SIL with her new baby, Canyon.)

It was quite the memorable family photo shoot.

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