Thursday, July 28, 2011

Branson, MO!

In June we spent a week in Branson, MO. And we LOVED it. I would recommend it to everyone, it's family-friendly and so fun. I would also recommend doing it in the spring or fall, not the middle of the summer. The summer heat, I'd say, is the city's only deterrent.

My parents and niece, my sister and her family, and the boys and I stayed in Condos in Branson and spent half our week at Silver Dollar City, and the other half relaxing at the condos. I absolutely loved spending time with family.
Some highlights:

-Grandfather's House - everything is crooked or upside down - full of optical and kinesthetic (?) illusions

-The ball playground - the kids spent at least a couple hours here and were never bored. It was a great break place for us parents.

-The roller coasters

-The bonding time. My mom and I came home from grocery shopping and found Grandpa Cameron and Henry sitting on the porch. They looked like ol' pals philosophizing. They were actually talking about all the things that fly--one of Henry's favorite subjects.

-The beautiful flowers and trees, and rolling hills

-Riding the flying elephants, tea cups, and fireman roller coasters that Henry said were "too scary for me"

-Time outs

-Watching Midway to Heaven (Kurt was my sister and Todd's old boss at Comedy Sports). Gotta love LDS romance movies.

-Eating great food and staying up late talking

-The fish hatchery, feeding the fish and learning how litter effects animals

-The St. Louis Botany Gardens--beautiful!--and Arch. Henry was so scared riding up and down in the Arch elevator. We all tried to put on a brave face for him, because wow, that elevator ride felt rickety! Click, click, click up the arch--makes me a bit nervous thinking about it.)
It is a pretty awe-inspiring monument, though.

-Henry becoming John Stewart, the Green Lantern.
Thanks, Subway, for our new little super hero!


Rachel said...

That looks like fun! I'm glad you survived the heat!

Taylor and Aleni said...

Rachel you look great after two kids!! You're the second person I know who's gone to silver dollar city this summer. I think I need to plan a visit!! Looks like a blast. :)

srbushman said...

You got some great pictures! Love it. And I can't wait for you to come out in November!!! (Maybe we'll try to get Thunder tickets!) The heat was miserable...but it has gotten worse. We've been over 100 everyday for the past month, and next week it's going to be in the 110's. Ugh...

Brittney Richards said...

Those pictures of Henry dancing sure make me miss him.