Saturday, September 17, 2011


So although months have passed since our trip to UT it would be a shame to not finish posting about the good times had there. So, posts may not be in chronological order (oh, for the next year or so) but, maybe within the next year I'll have it all chronicled here for us all to remember.

The Lehi Roundup Rodeo. What a kick!

The pre-rodeo festivities were just as fun as the actual rodeo.
We ate BBQ pork sandwiches, fancy potatoes, fruit, and it was yummy!
The kids got all dressed up and whacked a pinata to pieces.
Henry prepped for the rodeo by riding his bouncin' horse.
And probably the best part of it all was listening to Pop's stories of being a REAL cowboy. Stanley Turley is our boys' great grandpa, and he was a real cowboy from AZ. There's a picture of him hanging in our living room that Henry just loves. He's so proud.

After the moto-cross halftime show we left and bumped into the riders under the bleachers by the ambulance. They said hi to Henry and waved. Henry was in heaven--completely starstruck.

Three Yee-haws for good family fun.

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