Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Freestone 4 Go Camping

A couple weeks ago we ventured over to Kickapoo again for a little camp out.
The boys were excited--can't you tell?

This time we had:

a hammock!

ample amounts of kindling for a roaring fire!

And Theodore!!

The evening was great. We got camp set up and started on dinner: a dutch oven dinner of cheesy mac and beef and, woo-wee, it was spicy!

We had forgotten a can opener, which we needed to open up some fire roasted tomatoes. So I, being the brave (or more like proud) one, took a knife to it. Todd couldn't watch. I almost got the whole lid off when, whoops! I cut myself. Nothing too bad. A Toy Story Band-aid sufficed, but I was humbled enough to let Todd ask our neighboring campers for a spare can opener. Todd made a nice fire, and dinner was ready in no time.

While it was cooking we went for a little "hike". Meaning, we walked down the 80 or so wooden steps to the lake front and back up. The lake was low and murky, but pretty none the less. We lazed and swung in the hammock, admired the stars, sang some songs around the campfire, and told stories.

Theo went right to bed, which was a great relief to me, but it was no surprise to us that Henry could not settle down enough to go to sleep. We let him hang out with us around the campfire til about 10 when we were all tuckered out. By then Henry was out of his mind tired and threw a fit that I'm sure scared all the campers, animals, and bugs--anything within ear shot--away. He demanded that we go home. He wanted his own bed. Todd was ready to pack up camp (I think he wanted his own bed, too), but I said absolutely not. We were gonna finish this thing. Henry eventually tired out and we all slept very well.

Waking at around 5:30 we got breakfast going--hash browns with bell peppers, eggs, and sausage, and juice. Mmm, it was delicious. I love camp food, even if a little bit of dirt gets kicked in. It's all good. We then played tag and "surfed" on a nearby log, each showing off a few tricks or two. (Henry cued the simulated waves.)

On the drive home we stopped by Carmella's Creme for a few tasty donuts. We made it home more tired than the day before, more stuffed, more dirty, and covered with bug bites, but so grateful to have each other.

P.S. These photos make me (and probably only me) laugh so hard. I'd like to share anyway.
So in my efforts to take a picture of the guys lounging in the hammock together I couldn't quite get their focus at the same time--naturally.

I took this picture, and Todd was trying to get Henry's attention to get him to smile, and immediately after I snapped the photo Henry exclaimed while mimicking, "Dad you were going like this!"

Yep, son, he was. You've got your father down.


Rachel said...

You guys are the best!...and your little guys are the cutest!

Ashlee said...

Fun, fun! We love kickapoo too! And I'm proud of you for staying! It sounded all too familiar to our outing last year :) Bed time for us was an absolute joke!