Friday, September 30, 2011

To Report

Gardening season is wrapping up for us and we're about to clean up the leftovers. Considering this is our first year gardening I think we did alright. To report, our garden yielded . . .
LOTS of cherry tomatoes
lots of string beans
lots of pea pods
lots of tomatoes
quite a bit of beats
a handful of carrots
a few ears of corn
a couple baby watermelons
a couple butternut squashes and acorn squashes
and a couple zucchinis
(am I forgetting something, honey?)

We learned (in simple terms, because we're simple) that:

Tomatoes can get bottom-rot, but are still good when you cut the rot off. Most of our tomatoes turned out this way, and you can see in the above picture that the rest of the tomato looks fabulous! That is because we cut off the rot. These tomatoes were fantastic by themselves or with cottage cheese, and on sandwiches.

Little white bugs love b-nut squash and practically kill them. We also learned that hosiery is a great way to support squashes and baby watermelons.

Mice like to make homes in gardens.

Weeds are not tame.

Water and sunshine really do make seeds grow!

We may garden again next year, we may not. It was really fun to see it grow and even more fun to eat the fruits, but it was a lot of work in the beginning, and it took some work to maintain it. I often felt like it was a child I was neglecting, it always needed more time and attention, and love--and we just couldn't give it. Being about a half a mile from our garden made it tricky for us to get to it on a daily basis. Perhaps when we're older and our little ones are a bit more grown we'll garden again. All in all, it was a great experience, and reminded me how much I do like to get my hands dirty.


Ashlee said...

I am SO impressed! Fresh Garden Veggies taste so superior to store bought. Good for you for doing it! It's on my "someday," list :) Thanks for sharing what you learned too! I'll log it away!

Ashlee said...

and I like your new layout... by the way :)

Erin said...

Good work! The first time I saw Justin grow something from a seed, I almost couldn't believe it! I do not have a green thumb at all, and confession: I don't at all enjoy working in a garden. Thank heavens Justin does, because I really do love the home-grown food! You guys did awesome!