Friday, September 23, 2011

International Cheese Curling . . . CHAMPS

That's right, folks, this year's International Cheese Curling Champions for Arcola, IL are . . .

Oh, and Jacob Stewart and Bill Evans. We couldn't have done it without our other two trusty rollers.

There were about 25 teams competing for the title. We arrived late and were the 23rd team to sign up. We were the Freestone Cheese-stones.

Jacob, Bill, and I were the rollers, and Todd was the sweeper. My man has sweeping skills that I've never seen! I was very impressed and wondered why our floors haven't been swept more by this pro. Wink, wink, honey.

This is how the game goes. Each roller rolls a wheel of Swiss Cheese, the sweeper sweeps or guides, the cheese to the target. The outer ring is 1 point, the next ring is 2, and so on to the center circle which is 4 points. After each roller has rolled you add the points up and a perfect score is 12. The first time we rolled we scored an 11, and joined 3 other teams for a 4-way tie. The roll off began.

The first three teams went--I can't remember their scores--but the pressure was on!

The boys provided moral support.

The first roll: 4

The second roll: 4

The third roll: they weren't so sure. The ref had to get a second opinion.

And it was determined: another 4!
A perfect score. We were the winners!

It was dramatic--Todd was cheering and I ran over and gave him a big kiss. The newspaper photographer said he'd have us do another kiss over the target for a picture for the paper, it was just that awesome, but I think he forgot. It's too bad, too, because that would have been quite romantic.

We not only came home with the title of International Cheese Curling Champions, but also 3 5-lb wheels of Swiss cheese. We've been eating cheese spatzle, BLTs, grilled cheese, and Theo just eats it plain. And we've only gone through half of one wheel! But it sure is tasty.

We celebrated the win with some strawberry and lemonade slushees while Henry bounced in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse jump house.

As we were leaving the festival on our way to a potluck with friends, Todd and the boys were "recognized" by some locals. It took us a little while to get out of there . . .

We ate some good food and played the rest of the evening.

* * *

A couple weeks ago we received a few Graphic-Clarions in the mail, where we appeared on the front page. Thanks, George. If you'd like a copy--just let me know. I won't even charge you a dime.

We plan to compete again next year to defend our title.
Go Freestone Cheese-stones!


Meg said...

I'm proud to say I knew you way back when before you were champions.

Rachel said...

That is the coolest use of cheese I've ever heard.

Alysa said...

Woohoo! They are the champions, my friends....They'll go on fighting to the end (ba da dum)They are the champions, they are the champions, they are the champions, of the world!

The Whipples said...

So you're the champions at cheese curling, how about the Board Game Champions?