Thursday, October 20, 2011


Henry loves to pretend.
He's ALWAYS pretending, and what an imagination he has!
Not only is it totally fun and entertaining, but it's a skill that he uses to his advantage.
Let me tell you.

A few days ago we were going for a bike ride. Henry rode ahead with his friend, going pretty quickly, and soon he rode off onto the grass and tumbled to the ground. Normally this would make him cry but this time as I ran to him he stood up and brushed himself off and said in a deep voice, "It's okay, Mom. I'm okay. I'm IRONMAN!" He hopped on his bike and rode off. I was so surprised!

Today when we were working on a Halloween craft he was getting frustrated that his bat didn't look how he thought it should. (Have I told you he's a bit of a perfectionist? I have NO idea where he gets THAT from . . . ahem.) Well, he almost gave up when I said something like,
When you're in school you can't give up. You'll have to keep going and trying even when it's hard.
(I know, I probably shouldn't have said that, I mean, way to put the pressure on early, Mom! Anyway . . . ) Suddenly, it seemed like a switch flipped.
His attitude totally changed.
He started pretending.
All pumped up he says, "Oh, we're in school! You're my teacher, and I'm the student. . . . Okay, teacher, I'll keep trying. I can do this!"
He continued pretending to be the student. He diligently worked on coloring his bat, and finished it! He was so proud of himself, all the while talking about what it's going to be like in Kindergarten. He can't wait to be 5. I think he has big dreams for Kindergarten. He could forget all about turning 4, but we won't let him. We don't want him growing up too fast.

He does this all the time. If something is hard for him, or if he's afraid, he'll start pretending he's somebody who can overcome. He'll find a way to make it through. To me he's a little Superman. He finds a way to conquer anything and everything he wants to.

And, he's super fun.

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
No, it's . . . SUPERMAN!


danette said...

I know you don't want him growing up to fast. I don't want mine to grow up fast either. Caleb will start Jr. high next fall. He has grown up way to fast.

Tiffany said...

Clayton loved the pictures of Henry being superman. Clayton is going to be superman for Halloween. Now he's saying "I miss Henry". I don't think they played that much, but I think he is remembering little bits of Illinois.