Thursday, October 20, 2011


Theodore LOVES the great outdoors. He would spend all day outside if he could. He loves to crawl and explore. He attempts to eat rocks and play in the gutter, and if I'm distracted and he's fast enough, he succeeds. He acts truly broken-hearted when we have to finally come inside. Wish us luck this winter!

Here are some photos of us enjoying the beautiful fall weather, and some snip-bits about Teed.

This sweet little man points at what he wants, or what he's excited about. He'll point to his door when he wants to leave, he'll point to Todd when he returns home from work, he'll point to his crib when he's overly tired. He knows what he wants, and he shows us.

He also LOVES apples. And seems to manage just fine despite his lack of teeth.
He also loves cottage cheese, water (odd, I know), rice and daal, PBJs and cooked veggies--but only if he can feed himself.

Talking to a leaf.

Hey, two top teeth! Look at those chompers!

Now ain't he just CUTE?

Oh, the feel, the aroma, the colors, the crunch. So fall. So beautiful.

I am so lucky to be Mother to these two wonderful, goofy boys.


Lindsey said...

Your boys are so adorable! You are a lucky momma!

danette said...

Your boys are so cute. I wished we lived closer to each other I boys would love to play with each other.

Eli loves to play outside too. I think he loves outside more than he loves me sometimes.

Rachel said...

That photo with Theo with the apple stuffed in his mouth is just too much. How darling!!

Brittney Richards said...

Oh! We miss the boys. We miss being your next door neighbors. It's too bad we can't go outside and play with you guys too. One off our neighbors here is not too friendly. Boo!

The Whipples said...

We miss your boys too! They are so cute. Theo is growing up!

Tiffany said...

Looking at this post makes me miss Illinois even more. I love how you put the bumbo in the wagon for Theo to sit, such a good idea.