Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Festivities 2011

This year we were the Scooby Doo gang!

Todd - Shaggy, Henry - Scooby, Theo - Freddie, and Rachel - Velma

Halloween this year was so great.

We did a 12 days of Halloween (idea found at Family Fun). Some of the activities included:

Making festive decorations.
The bats hung in a line over our coffee table and could be seen from the sidewalk outside - very spooky!

Going for a walk in the neighborhood and taking pictures of Halloween decorations.
Below are some of our favorites:

Homemade spookiness - sticks, plastic bag ghosts, CAUTION tape - don't miss the creators themselves on the right.

Spooky Trees

and Pumpkin families

Making Spooky treats.
Nutter Butter Ghost cookies, inspired by Marta and other healthy vampire snacks. Yum!

This year the Primary was in charge of the Halloween Party at our church, and it turned out quite alright! We were pleasantly surprised that we underestimated how many people would come - by about 30 - and had to quickly throw up 4 more tables.
We had a chili cook-off, games (pumpkin curling, a bat cave, pumpkin bean-bag toss, and cake-walk), and a trunk-or-treat.

I didn't get any pictures there due to the busyness of the night but luckily we had a sister taking photographs of groups and families. I think we looked great! Not only did we look like the Scooby gang, we sounded like the gang.
Through the night we dropped catch phrases such as: Jinkies! Zoinks! I can't find my glasses! Scooby-dooby-dooby-doo!! And, Like, we need more snacks, Scoobs!
It was so fun.

Trick or treating was a blast, too. The boys got a good nap right before so they were in good spirits to beat the chilly weather and late night hours of 6-8 pm.
Our good neighbors Angela and Jim (I always want to call her Pam) could not wait to see them. They practically came and knocked on our door wondering when they would come by to trick-or-treat.
Angela offered Henry two pieces. To my surprise he said, "No." Rejecting candy? She offered again, "Well, your brother, he's too small to eat candy, how about you take his pieces?"
And we were on to the next house.
I guess he had his own rule in mind: one treat per door - no exceptions. He was so cute chiming "Trick or treat!" and always gave a big thank you. It got pretty cold so he cruised around in his wagon and we made great time.
We made it back home to a warm dinner - butternut squash soup, bread, and salad. Then we cozy-ed up on the couch with hot cocoa and enjoyed It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Hot cocoa and the Great Pumpkin movie, we've decided, is going to be Halloween tradition every year.
Henry still quotes it: I got a rock.
He finds this hilarious.

We borrowed the costume from a fellow church member and Henry practically lived in it for a good 2 weeks. Like a true dog he often relaxed on the cool kitchen floor.

That's a wrap for Halloween 2011.


Ashlee said...

Cute! I think my favorite picture is the one of Henry in Costume from behind. Haha!

danette said...

You had an awesome Halloween. Henry looks so cute.

Emily Savage said...

You guys always have such cute themed costumes! Well done, well done. I love that my little family of pumpkins appeared on the blog! :) You know, my two big pumpkins went missing the day after Halloween? I found them smashed in the parking lot a few hours later. Silly kids. Oh well! Can't wait to see what your costumes will be like next year!

The Whipples said...

I love the costumes! Your family always comes up with fun costumes every Halloween!