Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Yesterday Henry put his legos together this way and said, "Hey, Mom, look, they're awful-mints."
A little confused but trying to be supportive (because I know how frustrating it is for him not to be understood),
"Oh, cool . . . they're what?"
Still not understanding, "Okay, they're awful-mints."
"No, Mom!", he started to tear up, frustrated. "That's not it."
"Okay, Henry, how 'bout you try to describe it to me, because I don't understand."
"You know, there's some animals, and I can't climb on them . . . "
Laughing now, "Oh, right! You mean, off limits."

He remembers when we were at the zoo and there were Christmas decorations (the ones behind the kiddos in this picture) that he ran ahead to climb on and we told him they were "off limits" so he couldn't climb on them.

Gotta love little kids
(he tells us he's not a toddler anymore)
and the English language.


sarah e. said...

Hahaha...that's hilarious. Maggie is right there with Henry. Apparently Kate is the only "todd-yer" in this house now. Maggie tells me, "I'm a big girl like you." And is frequently discussing what "big girls like us" do.

Rachel said...

I love this!