Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas here in Illinois, and in Utah! With the reason of the season in our minds and hearts we felt so blessed. Because it's already February and I want to get us quickly up to date I'll document the things I want to remember about this Christmas, despite the lack of photos of family (sadly!).

The Decor.

I mention the decor because it is a huge part of our Christmas. Not huge because we have a ton of it or because I go overboard, but huge because the boys (and I) LOVE it. So many memories and comforts and joys come from the little Christmas decorations around the house. The Nativity sets, the books, the ornaments, the lights, the movies, the Christmas cards, and the treats. We love it.

One thing I liked doing this year was taking the Christmas pictures from our GAK (Gospel Art Kit) and replacing them in frames we already have. They were beautiful reminders of Christ at His birth.

The boys love playing with our Nativity sets and reading Christmas stories.
We did have a tree, stockings and mistletoe, but I guess I didn't get pictures of those.

The Luminaries.

This year our dear friends, the Burtons, gave us luminaries. Luminaries is a childhood memory of mine. We lined the sidewalk in my neighborhood with luminaries every Christmas Eve, so when the Burtons made their own for their door step they gifted us some and sang carols. It was so sweet it made me cry!

Meeting Santa at the ward Christmas party.

He asked for Scooby Doo PJs and Mickey Mouse toys.

The Kids.

Theo and Asher cruising around the house.

Henry cruising out on the driveway.

Meeting Santa and Christmas morning smiles.

Isn't that just the happiest-kid-on-Christmas-morning smile??
He's looking all spiffy because we went to church before opening gifts. And there were no complaints from Henry! He did a good job being patient.

The night before Christmas Santa paid us a visit. Henry was starstruck and gave Santa much thanks for all the gifts he would be receiving.

The coat.
Did I ever tell you that Todd sews?
Oh yeah. Here and here. He also made this dress back in the day:

Well, this year he made me a

He worked so hard, and it is amazing. I love it.

It's lined!
You'll have to excuse the exercise clothes underneath.
A coat sure hides a lot, doesn't it?

Todd stayed up late many nights working on it--thanks, honey!!

The phone.

It's off the hook!

My mom surprised me with this awesome candlestick phone for Christmas. We found it at an antique shop in Oklahoma over Thanksgiving and I loved it but decided we didn't really need it. My mom bought it for me in secret and shipped it to Utah where I could open it Christmas day. I was so surprised! The cool thing is, it really works! It was made in the 70s but the candlestick phones date back between the 1890s through the 1930s. It's so fun, and it will be nice to have a landline in case of emergencies and for babysitters. Thanks, mom!

We received so many gifts, of which, we are so grateful! Thank you!!

Baby shower.

I was lucky enough to go to my friend, Meg's, baby shower.
Can you guess who is 9 months pregnant in this picture?? I bet you can't.
Somehow she is hiding her basketball tummy very well. She's the one next to me. I think she's wearing a magic sweater because the combination of it and the angle of the shot she manages to hide her growing tummy.
Anyway, I love these women. Some I've known since grade school, then Junior high and college. I admire them all: Meg, Allie, Erin, and Ashton.

Secret Santa.

Henry is Santa's secret reindeer. He picked out, wrapped and helped deliver gifts to a family in need. We had a blast putting it together and hope to keep this Christmas tradition.

Spending time with family was the best, but unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of us hanging out. I'll try to be better at that!


Emily Savage said...

We are SUPER impressed with Todd's sewing abilities! Any chance that he could just pass some of those skills my way with out requiring me to work hard? :) Sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas! I love your tradition of making decorations with your boys. Maybe that is something that Eva and I can work on together next year!

Meg Morley Walter said...

My belly may not look pregnantin that picture, but my face sure does. Your boys are so cute.